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The Amsterdam printer Daniel Bakkamude (fl.1661–85) had affiliations with the Collegiant movement, which is shown by the production of Wiskunstige demonstratie (1684) by Johannes Bredenburg. Together with Frans Kuyper, Bakkamude published the Socinian venture Bibliotheca fratrum Polonorum, 1665–8 (cf. Visser, 1995). He also set in type books by Joost van den Vondel. Bakkamude also worked for the Amsterdam firm of Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge. In the early 1680s, Bakkamude moved his workshop at the Rokin to the Nieuwezijds Achterburgwal (‘op de Hoek van de Huyszitten-steeg’). See: Jagersma and Dijkstra, 2013, passim.

Bakkamude published Renati Des Cartes Principiorum Philosophiae Pars I et II; Cogitata Metaphysica. in the summer of 1663. He was asked to do this by Jan Rieuwertsz.


Alternative spelling: Baccamude.


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