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Hans Bontemantel was a noted Republican patrician and member of the Amsterdam Vroedschap (cf. De Jager 1853–4). He had a career as a magistrate in Amsterdam from 1650 onward. Bontemantel was removed from office by William III in 1672, at the onset of the Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672–4, a part of the larger Franco-Dutch War, 1672–78). In 1670, Bontemantel sat in the States of Holland and wrote a daily report of its sittings, during one of which TTP was discussed (Smit, 1932). A portion of Bontemantel’s personal archive (Amsterdam, SA, 5059: ‘Collectie Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Handschriften’, ms. ‘Staten van Holland, 1670’, inv. nos 24–40) was published by Kernkamp: De regeeringe van Amsterdam soo in ’t civiel als crimineel en militaire, ontworpen door Hans Bontemantel (1897). See: Elias, 1903-5, vol. 1, pp. 485–8, no. 171; NNBW, vol. 8, cols 175–9.

An account made by Bontemantel delivers proof that acting officers of the North-Holland Synod in early August were going to debate the ‘Theological-Political Treatise’ on the highest political level. Bontemantel probably knew that the treatise was not issued in Hamburg, but still had no clue as to the fact that the book was in fact produced in Amsterdam.