Antoine Pas, de

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Pas, de
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Antoine de Pas, Marquess of Feuquières, was ‘aide de camp’ to the Duc de Luxembourg. He passed the winter of 1672 in Utrecht and was sent to Paris to announce the fall of Woerden to the Sun King. In early April 1673, he was back in Utrecht (cf. Lettres inédits, 1845–6, vol. 2, p. 129). De Pas owned the ‘Regiment de Feuquières’ and was promoted ‘maréchal de camp’. He became involved in a major murder and poison scandal (‘L’Affaire des Poisons’, 1677–82), but was never trialed. He had a reputation as a writer on military affairs. See: De Pas, 1737, vol. 1, i–ccviii. Antoine de Pas should not be confused with his father, Isaac de Pas (1618–88), a distinguished French general of the Thirty Years War and French ambassador to Sweden (1673–82).

Spinoza probably met De Pas during his stay in Utrecht.


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