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Konrad Samuel Schurzfleisch studied philosophy in Giessen and Wittenberg. He was professor of German history (1671), poetry (1674), history (1678) and eloquence (1700). A prolific writer, Schurzfleisch published many works, ranging from letters to Latin orations and collections on general literature. See: Grafton, 2002, pp. 176–9. For the exchange by Schurzfleisch: Epistolae selectiores, secundum nunc sine lacunis et cum memoria auctoris emendatius ac promulgatae, Wittenberg, 1729. He was the author of: De subsidiis imperii a subditis debitis in genere et in specie de peculiari eorundem modo capitatione (vulgo) Kopfsteuer …, Straatsburg, 1654.

Schurzfleisch send a letter to his friend Samuel Hund on 27 March 1675. One of the many subjects raised by him is Spinoza’s ‘Theological-Political Treatise’. Schurzfleisch informs his correspondent that he roundly condemned the atheist contents of that ‘monstrous’ book and decidedly tells him that in his opinion the author of it deserves to be vehemently attacked and rebutted. Schurzfleisch writes:  

Recently, Spinoza composed a particularly monstrous book in which he writes about the liberty to philosophise, and this atheist also defends doctrines and most incapable things. Therefore, this writer deserves to be refuted, as has been done by Johannes Melchioris from the Netherlands.

Source: C.S. Schurzfleisch, Epistolae selectiores, 1729, p. 233.


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