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Johan Louckers (fl.1669–82) was a procurator and notary public in The Hague. Louckers was married to Judith le Petit.

On 8 July 1677, Hendrick van der Spijck files a statement of claim to the Vierschaar of The Hague. The purpose of that claim is a verdict in his financial conflict with Rebecca de Spinoza and Daniel de Casseres to repay him the sum of about 250 guilders advanced for Spinoza’s debts. In the deed, he requests procurator Johan Louckers to take appropriate legal measures if the Amsterdam heirs remain unwilling to make payment. The document of July 8, confirms that all of Spinoza’s goods were still stored in at the Paviljoensgracht:

Hendrik van der Spijck, painter here, [and] claimer and seizer of all those goods [and] not excluded those [goods] stored on his ground [that] belong to the joint heirs of late Benedictus Spinoza. [He requests from] the same heirs, and all others who represent the defendants and the defaulting party, reimbursement of the sum of 250 guilders, 14 stuivers and 2 penningen. [The claim concerns] advanced money, room rental overdue, paid funeral debts,  .... [In the margin:] In the matter, [the] claimer requests legal advice ...

Quoted in: Walther and Czelinski, vol. 1, p. 367, no. 155

An accompanying note to the deed indicates that members of the Vierschaar were asked in a circular letter to give permission (‘Schepenen fiat bij missive’) to issue a summons against Spinoza’s heirs. If a copy of Van der Spijck’s statement of claim of the 8th was sent to Rebecca and Daniel in Amsterdam is unknown. New summons to appear before the Vierschaar were issued on 23 September and 13 October. Finally, Van der Spijck decided to sell all of Spinoza’s goods to cover his debts. Quite likely, the Vierschaar gave official permission to put up the debt-laden estate for auction in order to recover the money he had advanced to pay Spinoza’s debts. According to Colerus, Van der Spijck also paid for the legal assistance of Louckers:

The procurator Johan Louckers, who was hired by the landlord, charged for this [service] 33 guilders and 16 stuivers, of which he confirmed to be satisfied on 1 June 1678.

Source: Colerus, in Walther and Czelinski, vol. 1, p. 168.


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