after 1676

Tractatus Theologico-Politicus (T.5 variant), 4to

after 1676
4to: (*)4 (**)2 A–Z4 Aa–Ff4 Gg2(–Gg2) [$3, (**) signed as $2]/123 leaves = pp. [12] 1–233 [1]
[> 1676]04 – a1 (*)2 $homin : a2 (**) itis$,$d [> 1676 ]04 – b1 A u$c : b2 Gg $N$
'Henricus' 'Künrath', alias of Jan Rieuwertsz Sr
'Hamburg' (Amsterdam, ‘in ’t Martelaarsboek’, ‘Dirk van Assensteegh’)


Anonymous, 4to, 5th text ed. of Tractatus theologico-politicus, cover-up place of publication (‘Hamburg’ for Amsterdam), fictitious publisher/printer (‘Henricus Künrath’ for [Jan Rieuwertsz Sr]), after 1677 but antedated ‘1670’, new print run with correction of typeset errors based on intermediate source T.4, probably published after Spinoza’s death on 21 February 1677, added is a new tailpiece (flower basket), list of errata missing.

Latin, bold unpointed Hebrew script, occasionally printed Dutch (fraktur typeface, pp. 57 and 159). Latin glosses with occasionally printed Hebrew in external margins (italics, keyed with superior letters), explanatory footnotes, keyed with typographical symbols (italics).

Roman type of the first nine lines of the title page is the reimposed type of T.1. title page: possibly the old T.1 title page was ‘reused’.

Typeset on the basis of T.4.

Movable types from the office of the book’s likely printer Israel Abrahamsz de Paull: c.1663/8 ‘Hamburg’ type specimen (some quires of main text, Bartholomeus Voskens foundry), 94 mm ‘Augustyn’ italic (1642 or c.1663/8, Bartholomeus or Reinier Voskens?); 11 mm ‘Paragon’ roman capitals (1652), 16 mm capitals ‘Klein Canon’ roman and italics, ‘Text’ roman and italics as well as probably also Hebrew (2,5 mm mem).

P. 192 misnumbered as ‘92’, with reimposed title Page of T.1 (‘Künrath’; ‘1670’).

  • Yoke ornament on title-page, woodcut, 35x50 mm;
  • No ornamented initials. 20 plain closed black initials (woodcuts);
  • Sig. (**)v, bowl or basket of flowers, woodcut, 17x30 mm.



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