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Soto, del
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Jacob del Soto (fl.1639–71) is mentioned fin the burial registers (1639–1648) of Beth Haim (Hagoort, 2008). He is referred to as Chatan Bereshit (1639) in one of the sermons of Rabbi Samuel Levi Morteira (Budapest, Rabbinical Seminary, ms. 12 ‘Giv’at Sha’ul’, vol. 5, fol. 6v (Bereshit, Genesis 1:10) (cf. Saperstein, 2005, p. 42). His will caused a conflict in the Amsterdam Sephardi community (cf. Kaplan, 1989, pp. 196–9).

On 2 December 1650, the Amsterdam Mahamad decides to reappoint ‘Sr Micael Espinoza’ as a member of the administration of Honen dalim (‘Protection of the Poor’), the Jewish charity house (Misvah do Emprestimo, or Mesva de Abodat Ahesed) that provided interest-free loans to the poorest members of Talmud Torah. Michael stood in for Jacob del Soto who refused the appointment (Spinoza, mercator & autodidactusp. 22, III,13).


Michael Espinosa, d'