Thaddeus Lantman, de

First name
Last name
Lantman, de
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Born in
Died in
The Hague

Thaddeus de Lantman had some notoriety as a religious writer. He worked as a Reformed minister in the local church of The Hague from 1663 up to his death in 1682 and it seems plausible to assume that he at least knew of Spinoza’s controversial reputation. In 1682, theologian and poet Joannes Vollenhove wrote a poem (‘Aan de kerk van ‘s Gravenhage op het overlyden van den here Thadeus de Lantman’) to commemorate his death. Two other works also report about his death: C. Bosch, Lyck-dicht, over het seer droevigh afsterven van den seer geleerden Godzaligen en vermaerden D. Thadaeus de Lantman, …, The Hague, 1681; E. van den Heuvel, Zions hert-leet, over het seer groot verlies van … Thadeus de Lantman, The Hague, 1681. See: NNBW, vol. 10, col. 509.

It was probably De Lantman who wrote during the quarrel (see: Eduard Theodori Westerneyn) in Voorburg:

Nota. That in the rented house of the aforesaid Daniel Tydeman lodges an A … [someone from Amsterdam] Spinoza, born from Jewish parents, who is now (so they say) an atheist who ridicules all religions. [Spinoza is] indeed a harmful instrument in this republic, as many learned men and ministers, like pastor Lantman and [all] those who know him, will testify. [It is Spinoza] who has composed the request that was presented to the lords Burgomasters (that is what is claimed by those in the Church Council).

Van Vloten, 1871, p. 260, Annex 1.