Christoffel Coenradus Vrijberg, van

First name
Christoffel Coenradus
Last name
Vrijberg, van
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Date of Death
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Christoffel Coenradus van Vrijberg (or Coenraets, fl.1645–84)  had his workshop at the Egelantiersgracht in Amsterdam and produced Quaker pamphlets, some of which were decorated with initials identical to those in TTP editions (cf. Gerritsen, 2005, pp. 258–60).

Johannes Colerus claimed that the TTP was not printed by ‘Hendrik Koenraad’ in Hamburg, but by ‘Christoffel Conradus’. ‘Conradus’, Colerus claims, had presented him with several copies of the book when he began working as a pastor for the Lutheran Church in Amsterdam in 1693 (cf. Walther and Czelinski, vol. 1, p. 134).