Friedrich Rappolt

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Reichenbach im Vogtland
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Friedrich Rappolt was a Leipzig professor of dialectics (1651), professor of poetry (1656) and theology (1670). He was dean of the theology faculty in (1674) and rector of Leipzig University. He was a member of the so-called Collegium Gellianum (founded in 1641), a learned society of Leipzig scholars focusing on the writings of ancient authors. In 1675, Rappolt authored an noted commentary on the work of Horace. See: Rappolt, 1693Tietz, 2008, p. 51.

Friedrich Rappolt aggressively attack Tractatus theologico-politicus in an inaugural lecture on 29 May 1670. stressing that the book was particularly dangerous because of its overt naturalist and boundless libertine points of view (Rappolt, 1693, pp. 2160–8).Yet, Spinoza's name is not mentioned in Rappolt’s ‘Programma’, but since he speaks about ‘the anonymous [author]’ of the treatise it may be assumed that at that time he or others at Leipzig University were still unaware of the Dutch philosopher’s identity.