Willem Hove, van den

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Hove, van den
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> 1684
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Willem van den Hove came from The Hague. He studied law in Leiden (1671), and became public notary in The Hague. He was advocate to the Court of Holland (Album advocatorum, p. 177).

When Spinoza passed away, Van den Hove made a first provisional (general) inventory of the assets of his modest estate, including common households, grinding materials and the books kept in Spinoza’s small private reference library, on the same day. The inventory is also the only independent historical document confirming the exact date and place of Spinoza’s death:

Number 179. State and inventory of the goods left behind by mister Benedictus de Spinoza, born in Amsterdam, who died today at the house of mr. Hendrick van der Spijck. All [done] conform as those [goods] were specified by the said mr. [Van der] Spijck: … (followed by a general inventory listing clothes, grinding devices, tools and furniture) … In like manner made and inventoried by me, the notary, residing in The Hague. Everything and in conformity as these [goods] were specified by mr. Van der Spijck, without having concealed anything ... Made in The Hague, on 21 February 1677.

Quited in: Walther and Czelinski, vol. 1, pp. 336–7.

Later that year, Van den Hove authenticated another, more extensive inventory of Spinoza's goods made by Hendrick van der Spijck, Abraham Slingerlant, a medical doctor from The Hague, and Jan Rieuwertsz Sr:

Today, the 2nd of March 1677 appeared before me, Willem van den Hove, notary public, and the witnesses, the aforesaid mr. Spijck who declared to have dressed up the aforementioned inventory of goods to his best knowledge and belief. Without knowing to have left something out, and to his repose he proposes (if necessary) to strengthen this all with an oath. This deed was made on the request of the appearing party and authenticated in The Hague in the presence of mister Abraham Slingerlandt, medical doctor, and mr. Jan Rieuwertz, witnesses etc.

Quited in: Walther and Czelinski, vol. 1, p. 359, no. 151.


Jan Rieuwertsz Sr


Hendrick Spijck, van der