1673 ('1674' on title-page)

Tractatus Theologico-Politicus (T.3e variant of TTP), 8vo

1673 ('1674' on title-page)
8vo: π1 A2–8 B–Y8 Z4 [$5 (–A1, –Z3, –Z4)]/180 leaves = pp. [20] (1.)–(334.) [4]

π is a cancel and replaced by title-page.
167408 – a1 A2 de$ca : a2 B2 ,$bonis 167408 – b1 B4 ition: b2 Z2 es$co
- -

Published in Amsterdam by Jan Rieuwertsz Sr.


'English' edition.

Anonymous, fictitious title, 8vo, same issue as T.3v, T.3h and T.3s variants but fitted with new title page (printed for the occasion) in 1674, no place or printer, set together with: (L. Meyer), Philosophia S. Scripturae interpres.

One print run with correction of typeset errors based on intermediate source T.1.

T.3e has a text block printed in 1673, but it now carries a title-page dated 1674 that was specifically produced in that timeframe for the English book market as its typography suggests. The same title-page openly declares that it contains Tractatus theologico-politicus and that it is annexed by Meyer’s ‘Philosophy as Interpreter of Holy Scripture’. The title-pages of T.3e was quite likely produced during a later stage. 

Latin, bold unpointed Hebrew script, occasionally Dutch (fraktur typeface, pp. 83 and 229). Explanatory footnotes in Latin and Hebrew in external margins (italics, keyed with typographical symbols). Undistinguished movable roman type.

Type of 1674 title-page: first line in ‘St Augustin’ roman (Pierre Haultin foundry), next three lines in ‘Great Primer’ roman and italic besides one in a ‘Double Pica’ roman (Nicholas Nicholls’s foundry).

Title-page imitates frontispice of quarto T.1/T.2 title page (‘Kunraht’; ‘ANNO 1673’).

  • 1 ornament (floral vignette) on title-page, woodcut: small arabesques arranged in a V-shape, 4 piled-up rows, comprising respectively 4–3–2–1 motives;
  •  2 ornamented (acanthus) initials (S, P). Also in all other variants of the third octavo edition;
  • 19 simple initials (woodcuts);
  • Sig. B2r, tailpiece (rosette). Also in all other variants of the third octavo edition.