Jacob Boeve

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Jacob Boeve (fl.1651–68) came from Middelburg. Names of the Boeve family are listed in the registers of the Dutch Church in Austin Friars (London). Jacob is also mentioned in the well-known diaries of Samuel Pepys, who describes him as a merchant, solicitor and lawyer living at Chancery Lane, London (cf. Pepys, 2000, vol. 6, p. 206).

On 20 July 1651, Michael signed a power of attorney before public notary Benedict Baddel in Amsterdam. In this deed, proving that Michael could write and read French, he gave the London-based Dutch merchant Jacob Boeve the legal authority to start procedures on his behalf to obtain release of some of his firm’s cargoes (pipes and small barrels containing olive oil) that were seized by the English Admiralty during transporta­tion from Portugal to the Netherlands. If and when Boeve started legal procedures in London on Michael’s behalf is unknown.


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