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Johann Conrad Dürr was professor of moral philosophy (1654) and theology (1657) at Altdorf. He published the first independent Lutheran ethical system in Enchiridion theologiae moralis (Nuremberg, 1662), and issued many books, like Ethica paradigmatica (Jena, 1670) and Compendium theologiae moralis (Altdorf, 1675).

Dürr delivered an academic speech to celebrate the promotion of twelve philosophy candidates to the academic level of magister (equivalent to a doctoral degree). In his oration, held on 10 July 1671 and entitled ‘De praeposterâ & impiâ libertate philosophandi, praesertim in religionis negotio’ (On the Wrong-Headed and Impious Liberty to Philosophise, Particularly in Relation to Religious Practice), Dürr emphasises the seditious contents of the ‘Theological-Political Treatise’ (TTP). In his opinion, the book undeniably undermines social order in the German-speaking countries and he therefore proposes to unmask Spinoza's reasoning in the public printed sphere. Dürr’s speech was printed in Jena in 1672 in Actus panegyricus (Panegyric Oration). The preface to Dürr’s Actus also holds a letter by Thomasius, in which the latter German professor of moral philosophy, rhetoric and dialectic abundantly lauds Dürr’s academic denunciation of Tractatus theologico-politicus.


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