Johann Fabricius Younger, the

First name
Johann Fabricius
Last name
Younger, the
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Johann Fabricius the Younger studied in Helmstadt and Altdorf. In 1677, he accepted the chair of theology at Altdorf University. In 1697, Fabricius was appointed professor of theology in Helmstädt. He is especially remembered for his work on irenicist theology. Fabricius wrote substantiallly about his own rich library in: Historia bibliothecae Fabricianae, 6 vols, Wolfenbüttel, 1717–24). In the fifth volume of that anthology (p. 60), he no longer holds the position that Spinoza authored Philosophia S. Scripturae interpres, but—referring to the testimonies of Pieter Serrarius among many others—mentions Meyer as its author. In the same volume, he also published an entry on TTP and on Spinoza (pp. 61–2). See: ADB. Fabricius the Younger should not be confused (Walther and Czelinski, vol. 2, pp. 166–7; Nadler, 2011, p. 221) with Johann Ludwig Fabritius, the theologian who approached Spinoza for a professorship in Heidelberg (see 1673.02.6, Ep. 47).


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