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Pieter Baert (fl.1665–1702) was a Regius professor of hydrography in Dunkirk (1676) and Toulon (1680). He was a member of the Académie Royale des Sciences. In 1684, Baert issued the geometrical Traité de la pendule à cycloide (Marseille). See: Cassini, 1710; NNBW, vol. 1, col. 224; Ziggelaar, 1973; Pouvreau, 2008, pp. 67–9; Villiers, 2013.

Spinoza was in contact with Beart from 1655 onwards. In a letter to Christiaan Huygens he writes:

Very noble sir, I assure you that I kept the deepest affection of seeing and speaking to you for over more than nine years. Especially since the year 1665 when I went to live in Amsterdam, [and] where during many wonderful meetings, as also in particular, by mr. Johannes Hudde, Benedictus de Spinoza and dr Voldere, professor of philosophy in the university of Leiden, haven spoken highly about your eminence in the arts of philosophy and mathematics many times.

(Baert to Huygens, 5 February 1676; Huygens, Œuvres complètes, vol. 8, pp. 3–4).


Benedictus Spinoza, de


Christiaan Huygens